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Why Personal Training Is Important

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  With the launch of Gymify’s new personal training program we thought it would be a great time to explain why personal training is important. All of us have gone to the gym and every one of us has been approached by a trainer before trying to sell us one package or another and for a long time I continued to brush them off and did my own thing. I mean I have a degree in Kinesiology and a Masters in Nutrition so what are they really going to tell…read more

Our 10 Tips To Help You Get In Shape!

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The exercise advice and tips included below will target all the important aspects in truly achieving the body you want. We discuss the role nutrition plays in your overall fitness plan, along with strength training and cardio work. In order to really get the results, you’re looking for, you really need to hit it from all angles! Work on all three areas and your results will not only be amazing, but they will be permanent. We provide 10 tips below for you to learn from and include in your overall…read more