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Importance OF Nutrition For Weight Loss

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  We see it all the time. People training month after month but not seeing the results from all their hard work. Most people give up without ever considering that the issue is with their nutritional choices. Exercise is only 1 part of the equation to losing weight or living a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition plays a much larger role and if you ignore this chances are you won’t ever get the results you are looking for. Ever heard the saying “abs are made in the kitchen”? Well its true. We…read more

Why exercise is so important

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You’ve probably heard countless times how exercise is “good for you.” But did you know that it can actually help you feel good, too? Getting the right amount of exercise can rev up your energy levels and even help improve your mood. Exercise benefits every part of the body, including the mind. Exercising causes the body to produce endorphins, chemicals that can help a person to feel more peaceful and happy. Exercise can help some people sleep better. It can also help some people who have mild depression and low…read more

Which Supplements Are Worth Taking

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At Gymify our trainers are constantly asked about which supplements work the best. . With all the questions, though, there seem to be two common themes: What supplements should one take, and which workout program should one use? How to design a training program takes a lot of knowledge and should be done by an expert. I recommend sitting down with one of our trainers to go over what will work best for you. However, now I wanted to speak about supplements, to clear the air about the ones that are…read more