Which Supplements Are Worth Taking

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At Gymify our trainers are constantly asked about which supplements work the best. . With all the questions, though, there seem to be two common themes: What supplements should one take, and which workout program should one use? How to design a training program takes a lot of knowledge and should be done by an expert. I recommend sitting down with one of our trainers to go over what will work best for you.

However, now I wanted to speak about supplements, to clear the air about the ones that are backed by real science and will make a difference in reaching your goals. These are my opinions based off the research and anecdotal evidence of supplementation. So, there is no confusion, I will list them in order of importance.


Sure, this isn’t a flashy supplement that sounds really cool, but without them you are setting yourself up for failure. Trying to train sick or not being able to train consistently because of illness is always a dead end for success. Not only will supplements keep you healthy, though, they will also help with energy levels, recovery, and sometimes strength.

A good multivitamin complex will have a good potency of all vitamins, but also have highly absorbable minerals. For example, cheap multivitamins will usually derive their minerals from oxides, which have a very poor absorbable rate. The higher quality ones will have their mineral sources from aspartates and amino acid chelates. It is worth spending the extra money.


So many people bypass these supplements, but it should be seen as a mainstay in any nutritional program. These fats are called essential because the body can’t produce them on its own and must obtain them from the diet. Before you start freaking out though and start saying, “Fat will make me fat!” you need to realize there is a huge difference between different types of fats.

Unrefined oils have a great potential to help you with your training program. There has been extensive research showing different oils can positively affect cardiovascular health, insulin sensitivity, brain function, reduce inflammation, and even help improve the efficiency of lipolysis (fat breakdown usually leading to bodyfat reduction).

So, which fats are these? I recommend using flaxseed oil (approx. 1 tablespoon per 100 pounds of body weight), fish oil, and extra virgin olive oil (approx. 2 tablespoons a day). These can vary depending upon needs and if one uses all these oils. Don’t try to cook with flaxseed oil though, it must be taken raw. I only ever recommend cooking with olive oil and would prefer Pam.


Almost everyone asks me about different protein supplements. The truth is every protein has great benefits and lacks in other areas. So, the easiest way to solve this problem is to use a protein that has a combination of proteins over a single type. Usually I recommend people try to alternate a solid food meal with a liquid to achieve a meal frequency close to 6-7 times a day.

Yes, this is the same no matter if you are trying to lose body fat or gain lean body mass. Also, no more than about 40 grams for a large person is necessary, no reason to waste protein supplements. The best time to use protein supplements is post-workout; the amount will depend upon body size.


I know I couldn’t do an article without commenting on thermogenics (fat burners). These supplements are usually down on my list because I believe the supplements up above are more effective and general nutrition has to be consistent as well. Thermogenics work by speed up metabolism to a degree and cutting down one’s appetite.

My feeling is that it’s mostly effective for its appetite reduction rather than its effect on the metabolism. There is a little research showing ephedrine and caffeine combined in certain dosages will cause fat loss. However, there is very little to show that their herbal equivalents have the same success (ephedrine is illegal to buy over the counter except as a nasal decongestant).

Many factors affect this belief. Herbs are dependent upon when they are harvested and how much of the active ingredients are actually included in each pill. Constant use of thermogenics, approximately more than 6 weeks at a time, can cause burn out of the adrenal glands.

Proper functioning of all organs is essential, but when it comes to having success in the gym the adrenals are very important because of their relationship with regulation and production of a variety of hormones. Getting the adrenals functioning properly again can also be a challenge. So, my suggesting is using 4-6 weeks of them with 2-3 weeks off of the thermogenics.


Of course there are many other supplements that I could cover, but not everyone has a ton of money to spend on these items. Also, there is a lot of debate upon the true effectiveness of many of the products on the market. Remember that supplements may have the potential to effect one’s training by 5 percent, as estimated by some experts that is not a large number.

That is why when everything is broken down eating a smart meal combined with intelligent training is going to be the determining factors to your success. Sure supplements are helpful, but you can do yourself a big favor by using the one’s that you know will work and then focus on the rest of your program. I hope that you find this article useful and if you have more questions please give us a call at 1-855-549-6439 to book an appointment with one of our knowledgeable trainers. Gymify is offering free personal training sessions to all is clients and I recommend that you all take advantage of this before it is gone.


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